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How to have a Christmas capsule wardrobe?

by Marta Ortiz 14 Dec 2023

The approaching festive dates, for a few years now, have been associated with brand new garments that have only been used for that occasion or, sometimes, have been purchased and kept with the tag on. It is one of the seasons with the most excessive and unnecessary consumption. Therefore, one of the solutions is to choose to get an environmentally conscious wardrobe, in which you have timeless garments that can be enjoyed year after year.

Next, we leave you 8 Nuances to build your Christmas capsule wardrobe:

1. Black Blazer

The blazer is an essential staple in every wardrobe. It can also be used in other seasons, however, for these dates it becomes our great ally. It brings elegance to a look, it combines with suit pants, jeans or dresses and there is no problem matching it with another color that you have in your closet.

An option that we also really like is to opt for a wool Austrica to elevate your most festive looks.

2. Leather pants

A sophisticated look can easily be achieved by leather pants combined with stilettos. To complete the look and make it ideal for any Christmas dinner you can add a white silk blouse , a satin blazer and some earrings with a touch of red .

TIP: Add a belt to mark the waist and create a more complete and elegant look.

See Black Engraved Cocco belt.

3. Top Special

There are lunches or dinners that you want to wear that piece of wardrobe that is special to you and never fails. Having a top like this is a lot of fun, since you can wear it in a more casual and chic way by combining it with jeans, loafers and a fun sock, or if you feel like going more sophisticated, you can combine it with a pencil skirt and a high boot high-heeled.

4. Silver or gold bag

At Christmas you can't miss an accessory that brightens the look and adds a festive touch. Silver and gold bags are essential for these dates - and they will also be your great allies at upcoming weddings - They elevate any sober look, adding a fun touch to the whole. In addition, they are accessories that, when well combined, steal glances.

Another option is to add an original clutch that highlights any look.

If you are more into shoes, we advise you to look for a comfortable shoe with which to add your festive touch.

5. Black dress

A "little black dress" cannot be missing from a capsule wardrobe . The basic black dress has become an essential due to its versatility. Feel elegant and empowered at Christmas lunches or dinners with this garment, combining it with a crystal or plumetti stocking, black stilletos, a long coat to elongate your figure and a colored bag to make it stand out in the look.

The Selene dress is one of our favorites because of its fabric and versatility. You can use it both for a formal event and for your daily life. Combine it with our western boots , a turtleneck sweater and add a belt to mark your waist .

6. Black stilettos

Having black stilletos in your closet is a safe bet, since they are the most elegant shoes that combine with most looks. They look good with dresses, skirts and pants. Any more informal look is enhanced with stilettos.

If you already have your dark ally for these holidays, go for something of color:

7. Fur coat

Sometimes, when we have events we usually wear tops, dresses or mini skirts, so a fur coat is a must-have in the Christmas capsule wardrobe. In addition to being warmer than a synthetic coat, it elevates your look. Going for a second-hand coat is the most sustainable option, since it lasts for many years if you preserve it properly and it is not made of petroleum. Go through your mother's or even grandmother's closet and rescue that fur coat!

TIP: Store it with a cover, put bay leaves in the pockets and take it out in the sun for a couple of hours before using it the next season to keep the coat in good condition.

8. Original design earrings

For a look to look complete, it is essential that the accessories match and do not go unnoticed. Therefore, having earrings with an original design in our wardrobe is useful for these special occasions. It is important to find the earring that flatters you and brightens your face, as well as an XL earring. They are a must to impact.

To make them the protagonists of the look, you can wear an updo like Marta and a monochromatic look.

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