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6 looks to be sophisticated this Christmas and not be cold

by Marta Ortiz 21 Dec 2023

During this Christmas season, one of the most repeated concerns is what to wear for each meal, afternoon or dinner that we plan during December. We want to be sophisticated and with a festive touch; However, low temperatures can sometimes limit us from achieving the look we want to wear, thinking that it is not possible to have style in winter. But that's not the case, don't give up elegance and sophistication in times of low temperatures.

Below we leave you 6 looks so that you can shine this Christmas without being cold.

1. Long sleeve bodysuit

The long-sleeved bodysuit becomes our greatest ally in winter, as it provides warmth to our body, is comfortable and versatile. At Christmas, an ideal outfit for a dinner would be our soy yarn bodysuit combined with black Le Soleil jeans and some ankle boots . Also, to add a chic touch to the look, add a masculine cashmere coat .

TIP: to add luminosity to the look, play with accessories, adding showy or XL jewelry

2. High boots

High boots are a wardrobe essential, since you can use them practically all year round. In this cold season they are ideal to combine with skirts, dresses or shorts. They give a sophisticated touch to the look, appropriate for the time of celebrations we are in. Combine the Chalk Alli boots with our brown shorts , a navy blue turtleneck to avoid the cold and a gold necklace , providing femininity.

Accompany winter looks with a long fur coat. They make your look more elegant, in addition to reducing the cold.

3. Skirt with sweater

For that day when you know what time you have met but not what time you will return home, we have the ideal look with which you will be comfortable and you will be able to endure the hours that it takes. Combine a satin skirt with a more special sweater that has a festive and elegant touch. To complete the look add some cowboy boots and a blazer . And you're ready to rock that day!

4. Wool vest

Layering is the most used technique in winter, it consists of including several layers of clothing without "looking like an onion. " The wool vest is a good ally in winter, as it keeps you warm and can be the star piece of the look. A perfect combination for these days is a vest with a blouse or shirt underneath to avoid the cold. For a sophisticated look, complete it with suit pants and a heeled boot .

A tip to get the layering right is to mix different types of fabrics. Mixing a knit vest with a cashmere blazer never fails to achieve the wow effect on these days of celebration.

5. Knitted midi dress

A knitted midi dress is a perfect garment for many occasions. If you want to give it that touch of femininity and elegance, combine it with a chocolate brown belt that fits your waist to enhance your body silhouette and with high boots to leave the house empowered. Add the Trevia coat and a burgundy bag to break with the color range.

6. Leather pants

In times of low temperatures, leather pants cannot be missing. It is a very versatile garment that you can wear for both an informal meal and an outing with friends. A perfect look for a dinner is to combine it with a silk shirt to provide greater sophistication, a belt and some ankle boots . As a coat, an ideal ally is the Lampert London cashmere jacket , which is thick and keeps you warm.

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