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How to Create a Parisian Wardrobe?

by Marta Ortiz 22 Dec 2023

Creating a Parisian style wardrobe involves incorporating classic and timeless garments that reflect elegance and sophistication - characteristics of Parisian women - The Parisian Style stands out for its focus on quality, simplicity and the combination of versatile garments to achieve a refined look effortless.
Next, we leave you 10 tips to build a wardrobe with authentic Parisian style:
1- Basic and neutral garments

Start with a selection of basic pieces in neutral colors such as white, black, beige, gray and navy blue. These colors are essential to achieve an elegant and easy-to-combine palette.

Marta is wearing the blue t-shirt, the wasp hat, the stitched belt and the ballet flats.

2 - Quality T-shirts and blouses

Invest in quality T-shirts and blouses with classic cuts and soft fabrics like cotton or silk. Striped sailor-style t-shirts are a must in the Parisian wardrobe.

Ecru Sweater

3 - Blazer with a good cut

A well-tailored blazer is an essential piece in the Parisian wardrobe. Opt for one in neutral tones that you can easily combine with other clothes for a fluid look.

4 - Black dress

The famous little black dress, elegant and versatile, should be part of your wardrobe. You can wear it for both formal and informal occasions, depending on how you combine it with your accessories.

Dior Little Black Dress

5 - Straight cut pants

Straight-cut, high-waisted pants are a classic and flattering option. Choose ones in colors like black, gray or navy blue for a Parisian look.

6 – Midi skirts

Midi skirts are a popular choice in Parisian style. Opt for fluid and elegant designs that allow you to create feminine and sophisticated outfits. Our favorite options are the satin skirt and the pinstriped Liena skirt from By Niumaal.

7 - Trench coat

A trench coat is an essential item of clothing in the Parisian wardrobe, perfect for changes of season and rainy days. Opt for earthy or powdery colors so that they bring light to your face.

Powdered trench.

8 - Elegant and comfortable footwear

Shoes play an important role in Parisian style. Opt for quality ballet flats, loafers, ankle boots and sandals that are comfortable for walking the streets of Paris.

9 - Classic bags

Invest in classic leather bags in neutral colors. Tote or crossbody bags are ideal for everyday use, while a structured bag adds a touch of elegance to your more formal outfits.

10 - Simple accessories

Accessories (and even more so if they are Vintage!) are key to Parisian style. Opt for simple, elegant pieces, such as silk scarves, vintage-style sunglasses, and delicate jewelry.


Remember that Parisian style is all about quality over quantity. Instead of filling your closet with lots of clothes, carefully choose timeless pieces that you can style in a variety of ways. With a well-curated, Parisian-style wardrobe, you'll be ready to face any occasion with elegance and confidence.

Bon voyage towards a chic and timeless style!

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