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6 garments that marked 2023 and you will continue to wear in 2024 (and more)

by Marta Ortiz 28 Dec 2023

As the year closes, we like to look back and realize all those moments that have marked us during these 12 months. Fashion is an ally that accompanies us on this journey and that is why we want to exalt those garments and accessories that have left their mark on us in 2023. You may think that they will stop accompanying us, but we will continue wearing them during 2024 and even If they are good quality pieces, we can use them longer.

Ready to know which are these clothes that we will continue to wear in 2024? Go for it!

1. High-top boots

High-top boots, simple and with a not too high heel, will continue in our daily looks. We have been seeing them constantly this fall and winter on the streets, and they are here to stay. Its discretion and timeless basic character makes it a perfect ally in quiet luxury , elevating any look. Combining them with dresses and skirts , both long and minis, or shorts , they are positioned as one of the most versatile accessories.

2. Flower choker

A success this year has been the 3D flower choker. All in one color, with contrast, XL or small; It is an accessory that gives a different point to the look, highlighting it and providing elegance and sophistication. You can wear them both in daily looks, combining it with a monochromatic set and breaking with the color of the flower, or you can wear it as a guest for the 2024 weddings, with our Can dress and the burgundy flower .

If you dare, you can give a special touch to your look by wearing it as a belt.

3. XL Earrings

Maximalism conquers the field of accessories. The XL earrings have come to life this year seeing them both day and night. They are the ideal accessory to elevate a look and give prominence to the face. They add sophistication to any mix of garments. A simple look, such as a black top , straight pants and ankle boots , can stand out by complementing it with giant earrings.

TIP: to make them the protagonists, put your hair up

4. Merceditas

As flat footwear this year, Mary Janes stand out, a very versatile shoe that can be used both for going to the office and for going to dinner with your friends. There is no garment that can resist them. An ideal look is to combine them with Vague jeans , a wool vest that provides a touch of color, a long coat and a bag that matches the vest. You would be ready to start a new day!

Winter cannot resist them. You can combine them with socks from the shoe's color range or, if you are more daring, you can add a contrasting color.

5. Basics like triumph

Next season we will also find the triumph of wardrobe basics. No more thinking for a long time about what to wear. Basic and simple garments are the protagonists of the perfect looks. However, do not forget that each person can take these combinations to their own area, according to their taste. A perfect combination could be a black denim skirt with a white shirt with a different touch and cowboy boots .

6. Belt marking waist

The return of the New Look figure, marking the silhouette of the female torso, has been another characteristic that has stood out in 2023 and that will remain next year. One of the perfect allies to mark the waist has been the belt. It can be worn over a dress or, as we like at Matiz, over the jacket to highlight the female figure. Both ways can be combined with boots or stilettos to stylize and achieve a more sophisticated look.

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