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The Place To Be - IBIZA

by Marta Ortiz 19 Jul 2017

Where to sleep?

Can Domo

In the middle of nature we can find this agrotourism.

It has its own orchard and an exceptional restaurant located.

In this hotel you can relax and enjoy the most exclusive Ibiza, since it only has 18 suites.

Where to have breakfast, lunch and dinner? 

The beach bar  

It is the perfect place to enjoy brunch. 

Located on Es Cavallet beach you will find a beach club where you can enjoy your lunch while sunbathing. 

They are characterized by cooking from local products to favor small businesses and have a long-lasting and consolidated human team. 

It's just special.


The Mustache

It is the typical place to go to eat in Ibiza. In addition to its location, its menu is unique since it opened and consists of a bullit de peix or what is the same, fish with potatoes, followed by a arroz a banda ending with a café caleta characteristic of the Island.

Of course, you must book well in advance to enjoy this place.

Maca House

The place where you can enjoy a special dinner but also stay.

An oasis in the middle of Ibiza where you can sit around a table and enjoy local cuisine.

It is undoubtedly the place to go to enjoy dinner under the stars.


Where to celebrate?


The quintessential place to celebrate life. 

It is the best place to go, enjoy dinner and a wonderful show, you will not forget it.


Where to buy?

The Dalias

Every Saturday and Sunday from 10 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon, you can enjoy the most famous hippy market in Ibiza. 

In this wonderful place you can find everything from clothing, accessories, decoration to live music.

It is the place that you should not miss, you can find up to 300 different stalls where you can buy a souvenir from the Island.


Where to disconnect?

Mojo Rising Yoga

It's the place to go to give yourself a break.

You will enjoy yoga classes in an unparalleled environment that will make you enjoy your experience in Ibiza even more.


Where to see the sunset?

The Hidden Table  

It is the place where you can enjoy one of the best sunsets on the Island.

With views of Es Vedrà, located in the Petunia Hotel , this restaurant will make you see Ibiza from a more natural and unspoilt perspective thanks to its location.

One of the best sunsets in Ibiza.


Where to have a date?


Los Enamorados is the place to have a special date on the Island.

Located in the port of Portinatx, it is a small place where you can see incredible sunsets at sea while enjoying an intimate dinner. 

It also has a small hotel and a store where you can buy unique decorative objects from anywhere in the world.


A look to wear on the white island?  

crochet dress

An infallible and sustainable look, the ecru crochet dress , ideal for going to the beach or joining a dinner at any beach club.

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