The personification of haute couture.

One of the most important designers of our time, who would mark the history of fashion and the end of haute couture forever. Son of a humble family from Guetaria, in the Spanish Basque Country, he triumphed in Paris, setting fashion to this day.

The Origins of Balenciaga
In the skirts of a Basque seamstress mother, at only 11 years old she met the Marchioness of Casa Torres, the grandmother of Queen Fabiola of Belgium, who would become her patron and would support her training in the art of sewing and who It would lead him to rub shoulders with the monarchy and the upper classes of the time.

In 1917, he opened his first workshop, which gained prestige among the high aristocracy, which led him to open a second workshop; It was then that in 1924 he opened his first store in Madrid.

The Balenciaga brand in fashion history
With the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War and due to affinity with the Republican side, Balenciaga went into exile to Paris where he entered fully into the world of haute couture, met the great designers and forged his lasting mark on fashion. to the present day.

The End of Haute Couture
From anonymity and silence, Cristobal would mark fashion from the 1940s until 1968 when he would return to Spain disenchanted with the direction the fashion industry was taking towards the current prèt-a-porter, a business model that would not fit. with his conception of fashion

The Balenciaga Legacy After his death in 1972, the Balenciaga house closed, leaving with it an unmatched legacy regarding the innovation of techniques, volumes and quality in sewing and fabrics.

In short, Balenciaga is a brand that, despite its current aesthetic, will always remind us of its creator, haute couture and quality and love for craftsmanship, with unique pieces that do not go unnoticed.