The imprint of fashion at the end of the 20th century.

Founded in Italy in 1970 by Giorgio Armani, who today, at almost 90 years old, Giorgio continues to be the owner, direct owner and president of his empire.

The Origins of Armani
With a childhood marked by the Second World War, Giorgio began his medical studies after the war, which he would soon abandon to begin as a window dresser at La Rinascente in Milan, after which he began to work for Nino Cerutti, which would lead him to learn the trade.

Style Evolution
Armani is a relatively young house in the world of fashion but with a very marked feminine aesthetic and air. Its creator, Giorgio, has always sought to transform men's suits and uniforms into feminine outfits, thus giving tailoring a renewed air.

Armani and Cinema
After triumphing among the stars, the brand consolidated itself in Hollywood with the costumes for Richard Gere's American Gigolo and what has led it to endure today on the red carpets.

In short, Armani is a disruptor at its birth that marks a change in the aesthetics of the late 90s, thus leaving an eternal legacy in fashion.